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A good mortgage broker will help match you with a suitable lending solution. There are several reasons to consider using a broker, but here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. They work for you not the bank

Brokers work for their clients, they have access to many different lenders which will give you access to more choice than just going to your own bank.

  1. Save you time and stress

A broker can compare the market to find a loan that suits your needs. Imagine having to make time to compare 20 different lenders, and working through the confusion of all those products!

  1. Free service

On most occasions a broker’s service will be free. There may be occasions where a broker may charge, on such occasions they are required to disclose any such fees up front. Be sure to check this with your broker before going ahead.

  1. Product knowledge

A good broker will be able to explain the different types of loans available and also the features of each loan. This a very important part of their service as this could see you save money by picking a product that is suited to your needs.

  1. Industry knowledge

A good broker will understand the policy differences between all the lenders and have strong relationships with each lender. This knowledge helps in choosing the right lender and can also help to speed up the lending process.


If you have a current lending need, or you are thinking of reviewing your current situation, feel free to contact me to discuss your options.

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